Freebie Alert: Sweet Relief Trio

First, the details:

  • 200PV order (separate from your Loyalty order!)
  • Before October 31st
  • Automatically get FREE STUFF

“What free stuff? I love free stuff!”

Well, I’m glad you asked! This freebie offer is truly magnificent.

  • 5ml Yellow Mandarin (exclusive to offer)
  • 15ml Copaiba
  • 1 bottle of 60 Copaiba softgels

Yellow Mandarin

You may remember our earlier spotlight on Green Mandarin, an essential oil harvested from unripened mandarin fruits. And of course there’s Red Mandarin, which is pressed from the skins of fully ripened mandarins.

Yellow Mandarin is cold-pressed oil from semi-ripened mandarin fruit, and it’s the most floral of all the mandarin oil family. Use it as you would any citrus essential oil, and enjoy the uplifting, fruity/floral aroma.

P.S. Yellow Mandarin isn’t available as a regular single oil, so get it while you can.

Copaiba Double Shot: oil and capsules

Copaiba is a tree resin-based essential oil hailing from South America. It’s similar in nature to black pepper. It’s already a popular additive for lotions and body products, but a key component may provide neuroprotective, cardiovascular, and immune benefits. Copaiba is rich in caryophyllene. Caryophyllene is a cannabinoid, but don’t let this categorization fool you, it doesn’t possess any psychoactive effects!

This deal is great, because not only will you get a 15ml bottle of essential oil to add to your skincare formulas, diffuser blends, and more, you’ll also get a bottle filled with 60 Copaiba softgels.

These vegetarian softgels provide a convenient way to take copaiba internally, to support multiple areas of the body.

Get them while they’re hot!

Be sure you get your 200PV order in before the end of the month. Copaiba essential oil and the softgels have a combined retail value of over 80$, and you can’t get Yellow Mandarin essential oil anywhere else.

A good plan for getting your 200 PV order in is to get your hands on the 2019 Together Tour Kit. As a Wellness Advocate or wholesale member, you can grab this kit for $255 and get your 200 points in one purchase!

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