PoM: New White Grapefruit Essential Oil 15ml + 10% off Siberian Fir

Each month, when you place a 125PV or higher Loyalty Reward Point order before the 15th, the Product of the Month will automatically be added to your cart for free!

doTERRA’s Product of the Month is always an exciting opportunity to try new essential oils for free, and never has it been more true than this month! November’s Product of the Month offering is a brand new single essential oil, White Grapefruit.

It’s a wonderful citrus for adding bright and uplifting notes to any diffuser blend. It makes a wonderful addition to skincare products (always dilute when working with citrus oils!)

For those not on grapefruit-sensitive medication, it also makes an excellent water enhancer. Just a dab will do. Be sure to shake shake shake it up before drinking!

P.S. White Grapefruit isn’t available for regular purchase yet, so best get those Loyalty Rewards orders in to get your hands on this new, exciting essential oil!

10% off Siberian Fir

Is there a winter time scent more iconic than rich, woody pines? With both the official start of winter and the holidays just around the corner, doTERRA has a perfect essential oil on sale.

Siberian Fir is a wonderful essential oil for diffuser blends and room scents. It’s green, woody, relaxing, and inviting.

Holiday Room and Wreath Spray DIY

Time needed: 5 minutes.

Create an spray to freshen up any room, or to add scent to your holiday wreaths. (If using on fabric, spot test first!)

  1. Prep your spray bottle

    Find a spray bottle with a mist type spray and make sure it’s clean and dry. Smaller bottles, such as a 30ml glass spritzer, work best for this. Glass bottles are also recommended when working with essential oils.

  2. Create base: 4 parts water to 1 part alcohol

    Fill the bottle with a 4 part water, 1 part alcohol mix. You can use either rubbing alcohol or a high proof clear liquor such as vodka. In the example of a 30ml bottle, you would need 24ml of water and 6ml of alcohol.

  3. Add essential oil blend

    – 5 drops Siberian Fir (or favorite woody essential oil)
    – 3 drops Wild Orange (or favorite citrus essential oil)
    – 2 drops Celery Seed (or favorite warm/spicy essential oil)

    Add the essential oils directly to the bottle.

  4. Close and shake-shake-shake!

    Put the cap on securely and shake well. It should be ready to use right away. Be sure to shake well before each use.

  5. Label and Spray away

    Be sure you label your bottle so you know which mix you’re using. Use on your holiday wreaths, on baskets of decorations, or as a general room spray. Running low and want more? To keep the mixture consistent, it’s better to use up the whole bottle before refilling.

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