BOGO Week Begins: OnGuard & Breathe

It’s the most wonderful time of the year!

That’s right, it’s BOGO time at doTERRA. Kicking off the week is buy one bottle of On Guard and get a free bottle of Breathe.

Details on the deal:

  • BOGOs only last one day, so buy it today or miss out
  • Points cannot be used to buy BOGO items
  • Each day’s BOGO deal expires at 11:59pm MT (mountain time; in a different time zone? See your time here)
  • All buyers are eligible: retail, wholesale, or Wellness Advocate
  • You can buy as part of enrolling, but still need to buy an enrollment packet
  • Limit 5 per account per day
  • You will get points according to the item purchased, but not the free item
  • You only need to add the “buy” item to your cart, the free item will be added automatically

Both On Guard and Breathe are highly popular blends, and perfect for the seasonal challenges of fall and early winter.

Also for Wellness Advocates: This is a great opportunity to reach out to people this week and offer to do group orders to save on shipping. You may get some new fans out of the deal, and if nothing else you will definitely get to take advantage of additional points for larger orders!

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