Adopting New Techniques in the New Year: AromaTouch Intro

Massage is a powerful and popular form of relaxation and relief. Aromatherapy is growing in respect among everyday people and professionals alike. Dr. David K. Hill, D.C., developed a technique to combine these two therapeutic practices into one method called AromaTouch.

You don’t have to be a professional or have extensive training to get started with AromaTouch! (Although training with certification is available for those who are interested.) It’s a methodology designed to be accessible to everyone, so people can find relief from stress.

2020 hasn’t started all that gently for many people, so it’s important to remember that our health and well-being are greatly served by treating ourselves and our loved ones as gently as we can. AromaTouch is one technique for combining the eternal comfort of human touch with soothing aromatherapy techniques.

Although many essential oils are appropriate for use with the AromaTouch technique, doTERRA has created a blend also called AromaTouch for use with this technique. Of course, it’s also good for other topical uses, and doesn’t need to be diluted unless you prefer it mixed in with an additional carrier.

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