New Product: Turmeric Dual Chamber Capsules

A new year means people start thinking about their resolutions for the months to come. A common theme among them is health and feeling more in control and able to achieve things. Inflammation has multiple causes and multiple effects, and combating it is key to maintaining all the body’s systems.

Turmeric is a root in the same family as ginger. It has some similar benefits, but it’s largely known for it’s ability to provide anti-inflammatory support.

Despite all turmeric’s wonderful qualities, the curcuminoids that provide benefit also have poor bioavailablity according to research. Meaning the body doesn’t take and use these chemicals all that well without help. That’s where the “dual chamber” action comes in. doTERRA has combined turmeric extract with turmeric essential oil to help increase bioavailability without adding any other elements.

Learn more about how turmeric essential oil is sourced by doTERRA:

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