Starting Your Day Off Right By Waking Up Refreshed

Getting a good night’s sleep may seem like a dream in and of itself sometimes!

Sleep is so critical for every area of our lives. Poor quality or not enough sleep can have profound negative impact, from outward and obvious things like dark circles under the eyes and poor mood, to more subtle and internal things like digestion and focus.

Well, just like other areas of life, getting good sleep is all about good habits. And as we all know, the start of a new year is when people like to tackle their problem areas to develop better habits and live healthier, fuller lives. Why not start at the very beginning (and end) of your day?

A few tips:

  1. Schedule – Strive to both fall asleep and wake up at set times. If that’s a struggle, try to set a window of time instead. The goal is to aim for consistency by making your bed time as close to the same time as you can each night. Be more strict with yourself about wakeup times though, hitting snooze can actually make you feel more groggy.
  2. Wind down – Don’t just expect to doze right off when you hit the lights! Give yourself time to let go of stress before you try to hit the sheets. Have a cup of something warm. Fire up your diffuser with soothing aromas. Gift yourself extra comfy pajamas.
  3. Unplug – Limit or banish your screens from bed, and try to set it down before you start your pre-bedtime wind down activities. While you’re at that, see about buttoning up any day time tasks that may nag you while you’re trying to relax. Finish up that tidying instead of leaving it for tomorrow, for example. Make yourself a to-do list of any tasks you haven’t gotten around to so they won’t bubble up in your mind.

Looking for a bedroom diffuser? Try the Lumo Sleep Collection. With soft light options good for setting a relaxing mood, and an included bottle of doTERRA’s relaxing blend Serenity, it’s an excellent addition to your nightly wind down routine.

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