February Deals: More than just the PoM!

First out of the gate is the Product of the Month. Place a 125PV or higher Loyalty Rewards order before the 15th to receive a Ravintsara 5ml for free! Ravintsara is featured in doTERRA’s Breathe respiratory essential oil blend, and this refreshing herbal essential is excellent for cleaning, skin care, and adding to diffuser blends. The aroma is described as being similar to both eucalyptus and camphor, but more herbaceous. It makes an excellent alternative for people who want eucalyptus benefits, but find eucalyptus itself a little too overwhelming.

Next up is the discount of the month: Yarrow|Pom 30ml – This blend of yarrow essential oil and cold-pressed pomegranate seed oil is suitable for both internal and external use, and is jam-packed with antioxidant properties. This powerful mixture can be used without dilution (though you should always skin test before applying broadly).

Then doTERRA is offering a Winter Protection Plan. Place a single 100PV single order during the month of February and receive a free On Guard Touch roll on. Place a 200PV single order and get even more free items!

And finally, the Winter Protection Kit. doTERRA’s own tabletop essential oil diffuser, four essential oils including popular blend Breathe, and a bottle of DDR Prime softgels. This is an excellent opportunity to save big. Plus, if you do a single order (separate from your Loyalty Rewards order) with this plus Yarrow|Pom, you will qualify for all the On Guard freebies listed above!

Winter Protection Kit - Petal diffuser, DDR Prime, Manuka, Breathe, Rosemary, Copaiba

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