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Roxanne Kasper

Independent Wellness Advocate

Roxanne Kasper

In the Orlando, Florida business community, Roxanne Kasper is respected as a vibrant entrepreneur who gives, shares, leads, paves new pathways, and inspires others.  As the founder and owner of two Successful spa and salon businesses, as well as being a real estate investor, property manager, and the mother of two amazing daughters, Roxanne could have easily stopped there.

However, in October 2013, Roxanne was introduced to dōTERRA™ certified therapeutic pure grade essential oils. Like many people, she approached the oils with measured curiosity and interest. Before she considered sharing them with her med spa and salon clients, she put therapeutic oils to work in her own life.

Would her already high-energy level get higher? Would multi-tasking become easier? Could she lose those last few pounds that dieting and exercise hadn’t budged?

Yes! Yes! And Yes! The weight came off, her energy soared, anxieties diminished, and as if that wasn’t enough, Roxanne’s long-term battles with alopecia and hypothyroidism improved so dramatically that her M.D. was scratching his head, asking HER for advice.

When your own life is significantly enhanced, and the reason for the change is safe, simple, and affordable, you immediately realize that you must share this with family, friends, and others who can likewise benefit in measurable and profoundly meaningful ways.

Inspired by the positive transformation essential oils brought to her life and that of her family, Roxanne began studying and training through dōTERRA™ University and at aroma science symposiums and conventions. Quickly she realized that these powerful products not only impact health, serenity, and wellness but can generate revenue streams that turn people’s lives around financially and secure their economic future.

Building Wealth and Wellness with dōTERRA™ Oils

Today, at her med spas, Roxanne consults with clients by using a bio scan elite compass and reads 172 bio markers to give you a virtual insight into your toxicity , gastrointestinal, immune,hormonal/ endocrine system . She has assisted with thousands of and facilitated the selection of natural solutions for addressing health concerns. Just as importantly, she tutors individuals and groups, showing them how to quickly turn their interest in essential oils into a second income, a replacement income, and even into seven figure incomes.

Whether your a beauty industry personnel or owner  or any other business professional looking to add additional revenue-generating products to your offerings, open your own essential oil wellness franchise, or you are a retiree, stay-at-home-mom, college student, or anyone else who could use more health AND wealth in your life, Roxanne is ready to help you launch your better tomorrow.

About Roxanne Kasper, Founder of EOilsHealthcare.com
  • Founder and owner Windermere Spa Affair
  • Founder and owner Windermere Med Spa www.WindermereSpa.com
  • Founder and owner Roxan Spa Plant Street Market
  • Real estate investor and property manager
  • Certified Master Redken Haircolor Specialist 1997

“My seasonal discomfort I’ve had for years is gone!!!!”

Johni-Jean Brumbly, Bank Manager, Orlando, FL