Build a Thriving Business
or Add a Successful Product Line

Build Your Own dōTERRA Network, Create Income with Powerful Potential

Many people become dōTERRA™ Wellness Advocates in order to buy the highest quality health and wellness supplements and products for themselves and their family at the best prices. Quickly, they realize that their involvement in essential oils is an exciting business opportunity that holds significant potential for strong, reliable and virtually limitless revenue.

Your dōTERRA™ business might begin as a supplemental income but may quickly evolve into replacement income. From there, well, the sky is really the limit.

Being a Wellness Advocate can be your pathway to substantial wealth building to change your life and that of your family. Download or view the dōTERRA™ Compensation Plan to see how rapidly (and easily) you can go from $50+ to $250+ to $1500+ each month in income. But that’s only the beginning as Wellness Advocates translate their love for doTerra products into six and seven figure earnings (yes, really), creating security, joy, and amazing financial freedom.

View this independent report tracking essential oils as a fast growth, $9.8 Billion global industry.

“A year from now, will you regret you didn’t start today?”

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“I have more clarity after using these products within the first week.”

Galen Miller, Co-Founder and Owner of Arabian Nights Dinner Theater, 1988-2013


Add dōTERRA Products to Your Current Business

Do you already run a shop, boutique, salon, or health, wellness, fitness, or life coaching practice? Adding dōTERRA™ products is a perfect fit for you.

  1. Expand your offerings.
  2. Attract new clients and customers.
  3. Create another reason for your clientèle to contact you or visit your shop more frequently.
  4. Generate earnings while you sleep. If your business  is based on billable hours, then every minute you are not working is lost income. But no one can or should work all the time–become a dōTERRA™ Wellness Advocate and enjoy earning money whether you are on the job… or at the beach!

In fact, the addition of dōTERRA™ products is popping up in all sorts of businesses and professional practices as physicians, attorneys, financial advisors, and others recognize how dōTERRA™ wellness supplements and Certified Pure Therapeutic Grade® essential oils have enriched their own life and that of their families and friends.

Contact Roxanne to learn how business owners can fast track dōTERRA™ growth … stay ahead of your competition.