Are the safe for my pets?

Only 1 to 2 drops of oil or necessary on most animals as they respond more quickly to oils then do humans. With felines avoid Melaleuca and use oil’s with extreme caution

Yes you can diffuse at night with your pets in your bed.

Will these counteract with my prescription drugs?

We always recommend that you work with a Doctor Who is Trained in natural medicines .Most of these do not have contraindications with most drugs when using one drop .

How do I know how to use the oil’s safely?

There are warm to hot oil’s that Dilution is recommended especially with young children when in doubt always put under the feet as it will get absorbed.

  • Oregano (extremely hot)
  • cinnamon (extremely hot)
  • ginger (hot)
  • peppermint (warm)
  • thyme (hot )
  • Black pepper (hot)

Fractionated coconut oil is a wonderful carrier oil that does not coagulated and has no scent goes on like silk to massage and dilute.