My Oil Success Story: Holly Brackett Van Houten

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Roxanne did a fantastic keratin treatment! She is also a great source of information for doTerra essential oils. I have done several foot detox bathes. And I have done a Zyto scan for myself and my daughter. My health has greatly improved from all the natural therapies and info I have gained. It’s a hidden gem in downtown Windermere! From …

Oil Success Story: SC Eng

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I go to Roxanne to be educated on The Essential oils…I mean essential! I also go there to have a blessed massage by Jane. And every 2-3 weeks a foot detox and top it off with a trend setting haircut. The Windermere spa is the place to get overall pampering, a place where you can restore your balance and get …

Cravacol found in doTERRA oregano and doTERRA thyme essential oil

Orega-no foolin, these are my favs

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Oregano and thyme oils are some of my favorites. I can use them in my sauces and soups, they work great in my diffuser, and the oregano especially just makes me feel perkier. Why only 4 stars? Honestly, they can be a little overwhelming by themselves, and really need to be mixed with other oils, unlike lavender, which can be …