PoM and December Freebie: Arborvitae and Holiday Joy

Combining warm spices, bright citrus, and sharp woodsy scents, doTERRA’s Holiday Joy blend is perfect for December festivities. Add to potpourri, dab on coats or scarves, mist on wreaths, or add to your diffuser. However you use it, it will add a joyous, holiday-themed aroma. Place your 125PV order before December 15th and you’ll automatically qualify for your free bottle, …

Protection Kit for Summer and Beyond, Part 2: TerraSheild

This is part two in a series on a selection of essential oils that will support, soothe, and promote your health, especially during summer and fall. This part will cover TerraSheild, an essential oil blend for repelling bugs. In the rest of the series, we’ll cover Purify, Lavender, Basil, and Helichrysum essential oils.