Stay In Tune, Save 10%

Stay InTune® and save 10% during August!
Are you going back to school this fall? Are you a parent trying to prepare for back-to-school time? Are you just feeling a mid-year slump in a big way?

Whatever has your thoughts scattered, InTune® can aid you in enhancing & sustain your focus and stay on track.

Deep breath

Take a Deep Breath Even If Summer Gunk Has You Down

Breathe® is the dōTERRA™ product of the month! Starting now through August 15th, you can earn a free 5ml bottle of Breathe® by placing an order worth 125LRP or higher. Breathe® is an essential oil blend created for respiratory support. Summer seasonal and environmental threats like mold from sustained humidity, and early crops of ragweed can leave you feeling sluggish, foggy-headed, and miserable. Laurel …

doTERRA Daily Drop

Do You Have the Daily Drop App?

The “Daily Drop” is now available.  This new app is designed specifically to help you continually learn about essential oils and aromatherapy. Each day, the Daily Drop updates you with one new bit of learning, making it easy for you to continually gain more understanding about the benefits essential oils can bring to your life and the lives of your family and …

Essential oils for healthy

Web MD Article Says Essential Oils May Benefit Damaged Hair

Essential Oils May Benefit Damaged Hair (Please follow the links below to read the Web MD article in entirety.) In an article titled, “Wave Bye Bye to Damaged Hair,” Web MD looks at the benefits of using essential oils to improve the appearance of your hair, explaining that our love of freshly shampooed hair accompanied by the use (and over-use) of shampoos and …